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Damp Proofing

First things first. We’re certified with the sole qualification recognised in the UK – for tackling primarily damp and timber defects in and around properties.

We’ll simply and, quite often, enthusiastically explain the damp issues you’re facing. That’s as well as help you reduce costs by rejecting unnecessary building work and treatments.


Separating the facts from the fiction

We’ll happily explain why:

  • 90% of all damp in a property is due to heightened levels of atmospheric moisture created by daily living
  • Rising damp is just condensation related symptoms
  • Mysterious damp patches that just won’t go away
  • What looks like salt building up behind plaster and paint
  • Chimney breasts looking wet, but there’s no signs of water
  • The air in your home smells stagnant and black mould appears every winter
  • That merely fixing a dripping gutter can end all your woes regarding penetrating damp
  • We always locate the source of your damp issues by reading the symptoms, then work backwards

So why are we so confident we can help with any form of dampness? Because we’ve trained in it, surveyed it, diagnosed it, fixed it – and left every client happy knowing they’ve saved thousands of pounds, weren’t mis-diagnosed or left wondering “What did we just pay for?”

The things that really matter

We’re likable, trustworthy professionals.

We’ve a great reputation for saving customers money and stress by offering them the path of least resistance when tackling damp issues.

We’re armed with knowledge, integrity, experience and pure enthusiasm for what we do.

But that’s enough about us. Over to you – get in touch and we’ll do the rest!

Here are some of the usual ‘damp’ suspects… look familiar?

Let’s talk! For a free quotation, advice or just a friendly chat give the office a call on 01273 569 135. For Paint and Decorating enquiries, please contact Joe on 07760 386 305 and for Damp Proofing enquiries, please contact Aaron on 07538 095 559.